Static Electricity & Static Bonding

Static electricity is probably one of the most misunderstood forms of energy known to humans. Static Bonding on the other hand is one of most misused safety devices in the industrial world. We have over 30 years experience in static electricity. We know how to detect it, what it is , how to make it, how to get rid of it , and even how to use it. And unlike the picture to the left it's not kids stuff.

Static electricity can be as great as a lightning strike, as simple as feeling the hair rise on your arm, or you might not even feel it. To learn more on static electricity click on the picture to the left or click here: Static Electricity
What materials have the most static electricity danger?

Well check out this page about Triboelectric Materials. tribo_material_chart.html

Static bonding is more than just clamping on a bonding or grounding wire and we can help you understand all that is involved.

The Static Bonding System that we have designed is sold exclusively by Lind Equipment. Lind markets the "StaticSure System"

To learn more on static bonding click here: Static Bonding