Static Bonding products

Currently the only product we have designed is the StaticSure static bonding clamp. A device manufactured under license by Lind Equipment. This clamp will read the contact resistance <10 ohms and if a unsafe high resistance is detected a flashing red LED will warn the user. This isn't a simple resistance measuring clamp it has features that no other static-bonding clamp in the world has.
  • Voltage and current so low that it is impossible to create a spark.
  • Less dangerous than even a DMM meter.
  • Self Checking by simply opening the clamp.
  • Fully encapsulated meeting the highest UL standards for intrinsic safety standards.
  • Meets the 10 amp grounding standard.
  • Creates no heat and can operate in temperatures up to and include T4.
  • Recommended operating temperature range of -40°C/F to 125°C/257°F, reduced battery life below -20°C/0°F
  • Battery has a 12 year shelf life span.
  • Battery will/should last 4-5 years with regular normal use.
  • Fully warranted.



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