UniMatrix Technologies:

I started UniMatrix Technologies in 2003 after having a part time business for 18 years. During those 18 years I first started working on electronics/electrical equipment part time in the evenings/weekends and working full time for Huges Owens. A lot of my customers were industrial clients that needed help with their equipment which was from reprographics to automated controls (PLC). The PLCs were ladder programmed and serial linked to 8086 to 80286 computers that ran on DOS programs, vintage stuff now. Anyway as word got out I busier and busier and ended up opening UniMatrix Technologies. UniMatrix Technologies is now in it's 15th year but, my body has been worn down and I have taken UMT back to a hobby business for my health. Most of my work now is advising and fixing the unfixable whenever I'm needed and making products for my hobbies. RC model engines and electronic controls.

RCR Racing Products:

As I have said I'm making products for my hobbies and those include performance products for automotive, motorcycle, and snowmobile racing. Oh RCR is my initials. Most of these products are ignitions including some that you could damn near weld with. In all cases these products include features found no where else. I started racing in 1979 with my 1980 Plymouth Fire Arrow. At that time I was helping out on other people's cars than racing. Now it seems that every time I go to the track that I work more on everyone else's car than I did mine, I couldn't even go just to watch the races and ended tuning cars. So now I'm going to take what I have learned about electronics and make products I know others will want.

My Standards:

If there is one thing I have learned in my 40 year career is that quality must be number #1. "If it doesn't work then it's useless". So not only does it have to work but, it has to last. There is nothing and I mean Nothing worse than pulling up to the line and your vehicle doesn't start. You've lost the race and you haven't even had a chance to race. I won't let one of my products be the reason for a non-starter, period.