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SPARKY-JUNIOR: A Newer & Smaller Programmable CDI Ignition

Sparky-Junior is a new design using a new MCU designed just for small engine ignitions. It has newer electronic parts and is a surface mounted device board. It is what I call an all-in-board which has noise filtering on the signal in and temperature compensation. The temperature compensation will retard the timing to prevent knock and to lower the engine temperature on hot days or if the engine temp get's to high. Sparky-Junior will be a perfect for converting glow to gas engines where weight is a concern.

The main features of Sparky-Junior:

Batteries you can use:

Use a 500maH or greater capacity battery, the circuit will draw a max of 1500ma if you let it but, a current of 500ma or less is normal. I use a regulator so you can use 6 - 18 volt NiCad, NiMH, Lithium Ion / Poly / LiFe but, you should use a volt monitor so you don't wreck the batteries. A battery voltage as close to 6.0 volts is best to reduce heating of the regulator but, with higher voltage & maH you can fly longer (hours) before recharging. The regulator is a surface mount device and is a LDO (Low Drop Out) linear regulator that cuts out at 5.3 volts. Recommended battery volt range is 6.0 to 13.5 volts.

Any question just email me rrichter@unimatrixtech.com

Sparky-Junior Files: