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Well I needed a hobby so I got back into R/C models. Actually I'm just getting back into it. I inherited an old SIG Citabria and a bunch of other stuff so we'll have to see how it turns out. I needed a break from work anyway, doctors orders.

Currently I'm involved in making a miniature ignition for small gas engine or conversions from glow to gas. If your interested you can find my thread on RC Groups Programmable Open Source CD Ignition PIC1840.

jakes_old_page\CDI-2012.htm This is the place to start. Jake did more for this project than anyone else that I know.

CDI-2012 Files my fixes These are fixes that include some of my stuff.

RCU Attachments & Links This is where the project all began. It started on RCU before I restarted it on RC Groups.

I'll be posting more here as I find time, so come back as often as you like.