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R/C Electronics - Ignitions

Here you will find links to my r/c electronic products. Since we are just starting to get things rolling we don't have much to offer. Check back later to see what we have to offer.

Sparky-1 CDI Ignition Sparky-1 is a small open source battery powered programmable CDI ignition for small engines of either 2 stroke or 4 stroke, wasted spark with 4 stroke.

In the Works

Sparky-2 Is a modern version of the Sparky-1 using a combination of surface mount devices (SMD) and through hole (PTH). Why? Well because electronic components don't stay the same for anyone. Manufacturers are constantly upgrading their products and sometimes drop older component designs and sometimes repackage the older stuff. More and more components are going to a SMD design, so get use to it. On the boards I will be offering they will have the SMDs pre-soldered to the board, so don't sweat it.

Sparky-2B Is a basic version of Sparky-2 which means it doesn't have the noise filter on the input or the temperature compensation.

Sparky-3 Is a fully SMD board has some features that Sparky-2 doesn't. For one it is a fully SMD board or as much as I can make it. It also has a double spark output for the whole rpm range. It also has a hotter spark for better idling and max power at full throttle. The board comes completely ready to use.

Sparky-Junior Is just that, it is lighter, simpler, and uses less power but, is also fully programmable. It uses a completely different chip and is almost a one chip wonder ready to use.