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These are the projects I'm involved in or have done. Hopefully this list grows with projects that more than rc people find handy.

Currently the only project that I have had time to work on is the Sparky-1 CDI ignition. I have collected some parts for the R/C engine dyno and I'm still working out some of the kinks, so it's not ready for the project stage. I also plan on making an adjustable TCI (Inductive Spark Ignition) and a lower cost CDI.

If you looking for the link to Jake's old website then you'll find it here jakes_old_page/CDI-2012.htm. For the files that were on the web page other_files_CDI2012.

Top of the list is my current project, a group open source CDI ignition:

Programmable Open Source CD Ignition PIC1840 - RC Groups :
This is a follow up to the CDI project started on RC Universe cdi-gr8flyer55. At that time they were using the PIC 12F683, there you'll find hardware, software, and board layouts to build the 12F683 version. For all material that is available on that site go to the link below.

Is my design for a high voltage board. It can be triggered by a hall effect or connected to the Timer board. It can run on voltage from 4.5v-12v. The main site URL is Programmable Open Source CD Ignition PIC1840 - RC Groups


Links to my favourite and helpful websites.

RCU Attachments & Links    Attachments & links posted on the RCU forum. Sorted by the forum page numbers, so if you find something interesting just go to the corresponding page on RCU. cdi-gr8flyer55 The completed PIC 12F683 version is here along with everything needed to get you started.

CDI-2012    Collection of files from the Programmable Open Source CD Ignition PIC1840. Still needs to be straightened out.

jakes_old_page    Files from Jakes old website before it went down.