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   Currently I'm working on programmable CDI ignitions for the RC world and small engines. These will be great for getting the max horse power from your 2 & 4 stroke engines matching the timing to your fuel and weather. There are 4 flavours, 2 of which can be modified by the end user. I have to mention here that some components are no longer offered as through hole (PTH or DIP) and now are only available as surface mount devices (SMD). So boards offered by me will have the SMD parts pre-mounted. All the boards right now have what I call All-In which includes features such noise cancellation on the trigger input and temperature compensation. As of this time I have not written the code for temperature compensation and I'm not sure there is enough room left in the PIC12LF1840 to add it. Once again this can be left off the board. I also want to make a Junior version which will be small and of lower cost but, it will not be offered as a DIY project like the Pro version. ALL VERSIONS are designed to use a battery of 6 - 12 volts and use USB, serial, or ICSP for communications. THESE PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPEMENT.

Products in the works - go to the electronics page for details

  • Pro Retail version (Sparky-3) - The Pro version uses new technology that allows for double spark up to 15,000 rpm and is fully ready to go with a default timing curve. This board makes use of SMD devices through out and is ready to install. Can be ordered with either a WiFi or Bluetooth adapter.
  • Sparky Junior version - is smaller because it uses less components to work, it is a all-in-one board. The mcu does the input for the HV generation, signal in, and trigger out. It uses a processor specifically designed for small engines in both CDI & Inductive ignitions. The first version will be a CDI version. Can be ordered with either a WiFi or Bluetooth adapter.
  • Sparky-Basic - Is a non CDI ignition, also known as an inductive ignition just like the old points style but, upgraded to use modern electronics. It's not programmable but, you can adjust the timing manually along with the dwell (charge time of the coil). Works with 6-18 volts but, best with 6 volts. Can be triggered by either points, Hall-Effect (either magnetic field, metal tooth, or window, LED reflective or interrupter (slot). Comes in either 1 or 2 cylinders (wasted spark), 3 - 12 cylinder by request. Will automatically advance the timing with RPM.