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We're Making a Change In Direction

We are in the midst of upgrading our website and ask you be patient with us until it is completed.

   Well I'm going back to my first love, electronics. Computer work can be worth while but, it can also be very stressful and very hard on one's health. I gave years to helping small-medium businesses and individuals with their systems but, I find electronics more enjoyable and less stressful.

"If it doesn't work, then it's useless" is one thing I can say for sure no matter what is created. I've worked on so many different things where they didn't work because of bad design or cost savings. Well I don't do that. Whether I'm building a cooling fan controller or a 1000Hp engine I take a little more time and over build it so it lasts and does the job without worry.

We have several products under development and most will be completed in 2020. R&D to us stands for Research & Destruction, WHY? Well first one needs to know the limits of there products and when designing equipment one tends to blow things up, LOL. It's all part of product development.

Products in the works