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Remote Cont & Data

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Remote Control & Data Retrieval

Remote control & data retrieval is being able to either control or retrieve data from a computer or other electronic system that is at a remote location from a location of your choosing. Simply put, remoting allows you to save time and money in traveling to and from a remote site or to monitor a site remotely. We have done small connections like allowing sales people to work remotely sending in invoices, print invoices at the office, connect their devices so that they have remote desktop capabilities. On the larger scale, we have done the sub-contract work for companies like Purolator so that they could control when and how much fuel a driver takes to fuel their delivery vans. Purolator in Calgary can authorize fuel dispensing in Winnipeg. A local fuel company in Winnipeg can control and get reports from a remote site, this includes setting the price and seeing how much fuel is in the tanks, along with the fuels temperature through the internet. We have also done sub work for the City of Winnipeg where once again for fuel monitoring, they can dial-up or use the internet to check on remote fuel sites. Have questions? ask us, questions are free.

Key Benefits

  • Remotely control almost any electronic device without having to travel, whether it's next door or across the country.
  • We use only proven devices like Lantronix.
  • Can't make it to the office, do it from home securely.

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