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Industrial Electronics
High-Performance & Racing
R/C Model Stuff


This is where the matrix part comes in. A matrix or also known as an array, is a collection of things that have something in common. In this case it is electronics and logical reasoning.

Right now our main focus is computers and having them communicate amongst themselves. And because of my interest in static electricity we have a developed a super sensitive ohm reading static bonding system that is marketed through Lind Equipment. We are not resting on our laurels with this technology in fact we are making the StaticSure even better and are developing new models. As for the industrial electronics, most of it has been getting older and newer equipment to talk to newer computers. Our hobbies have opened up new markets in R/C electronics and automotive performance with MegaSquirt and other electronics.

Static Electricity & Bonding
What is static electricity and how to control it with static bonding. Come see what we have to offer you.

R/C Stuff
We are just getting or feet wet in R/C electronics. Soon we will be offering Programmable CDI ignitions, bit-switches and more. Right now we have a ton of technical documents to get you started.

Industrial Electronics
Most of the electronics are for M-M or machine to machine communications where an operator or person needs to monitor and administrate equipment remotely. This can be where both are in the same building or across the country. Check it out.

Race Electronics


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