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Computer Workstations & Notebooks

There is a old saying "you get what you pay for" and when it comes to computers today that saying couldn't be more true. Buying a home computer to do business work is like trying to shovel snow with a kids sandbox shovel. Sure you can surf the internet and send email with both but, what about when you have Office open, email, accounting, CAD, 4 internet explorers each with 8 web pages open, and the computer doesn't slow down, I can do it can you? If want to be able to work like this then call us, we can help, and at a cost just a bit more than a new home computer.

Our main lines are IBM and HP workstations and notebooks from off lease units to new, we can match your power needs to your budget needs. Prices can start at $300.00 and go to $30,000, Windows XP to Windows 7. Mind you Windows XP units are getting harder to find.


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