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 Tech support for businesses in the Winnipeg area.

UniMatrix Technologies

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Tech Support For The Small Guys

Unimatrix Technologies is your IT & Electronics tech support that most small companies can't afford to have on staff. If your business has less than 25 people then we are your IT department. We offer services from consulting to complete work group systems and we even offer custom software and hardware. We have 4 areas of interest, computer systems, custom hardware and software, static bonding advice and small scale electronics R&D. We also offer refurbished IBM and HP workstations from dual core processors to dual quad cores, memory from 1gb to 12gb of ECC ram. No need to try and get home computers to do business work, do it right the first time.

Our motto:

"Re-Thinking the box is cheaper than thinking outside the box"

Small companies can't always afford to think outside the box. By rethinking the box you already own and are use to we have saved small companies a ton of money. We don't think you should have to buy more than you need or something you don't need to buy.


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